Sunday, August 19, 2012

Dobbs Mill

Here's a cute little story...

Earlier in 2012 when we were deciding we didn't want to stay in Washington we looked at the possibility of moving...Our favorite state in Massachusetts and one of our most favourite cities is Boston.

So, we planned a trip, booked our tickets and waited in anticipation of our trip.

We looked at the best small towns in Massachusetts to live that feel like 'home' with it's New England charm and 'How do you do' neighborhoods.

It reminded us of a movie that we love called Housesitter...Starring Steve Martin and Goldie Hawn. The House in the movie was built in Cohasset that was fictionally named Dobs Mill...Cohasset is also where Witches of Eastwick was filmed.

Anyhow, we both love Steve Martin movies and Cory brought home Father of The Bride I & II which resonated with our lives, getting engaged and moving to Boston! Haha

Anyways, while house hunting on The Cape we found a house on 45 Newton Street...Newton was Steve Martin's character on Housesitter and the cross street is Maple Avenue, like the address on Father of The Bride...

We chuckled, at the similarities and came up with a name for the house...Dobbs Mill. So, if that's the one, ya never know...It might just be.

Or am I jinxing it???

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