Monday, August 13, 2012

Taylor Swift buys a home in Cape Cod

We're neighbours! Taylor Swift has reportedly bought herself this luxury vacation home in the Kennedy Compound in Hyannis Port

They're that close: Taylor Swift is said to be considering buying a home within the Kennedy Compound
Private beach: The house includes access to a secluded spot, and overlooks Nantucket Sound


In October several news articles have said she was only renting the home. It was actually purchased by a wealthy New York hedge fund guy.

We'll see...
*Update via Hooked on Houses*
Last summer I told you about the house in Hyannis Port Taylor Swift bought when she was dating a Kennedy. But then the Cape Cod Times reported that someone else bought it instead. So imagine my surprise when the news came out this week that she did in fact buy it last year after all–and just sold it again at a million-dollar profit.
You always have to be a little skeptical about celeb news, but E! Online reports: “Despite being coy in Vanity Fair about buying the Hyannis Port, Mass., house near the Kennedy compound while dating Conor Kennedy last summer, realtor Bob Kinlin tells E! News that he did in fact sell the house to Swift.”
“Kinlin told E! that the young singer snagged the Cape Cod style, 7 bedroom home for $4.8 million” through an LLC registered under someone else’s name. He says she made some improvements to the house, like renovating the formerly pink kitchen.

She broke up with Conor last year and sold the property recently, “making almost $1 million in profit after having the home for only seven months. The home sold for $5,675,000 to a couple that had been coveting the house before Swift.”


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